Guess Who – Remake Of A Remake

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a remake of a blockbuster remake.

This loudmouth director suffers from verbal diarrhoea. She & her brother say whatever comes into their head. But unlike her brother, her career is on track. All her movies have been hits. Not only is she a successful choreographer, she is a successful director as well. Her husband though is quite a character. He was cuahgt by this director with another woman. The husband even picked a fight with a superstar, the very superstar who starred in his wife's movie & made her the big director that she is today. Thankfully those issues are resolved & the superstar, the director are back to working together. Their last outing was a huge hit.

But the tides have turned since their last movie. The superstar badly needs a hit. His box office standing is not what half of what it used to be. He has lost his confidence & is rumored to be depressed. He must be hoping that the director picks him for the lead role & put his career back on track. The director's brother on the other ahnd has been pushed into exile due to him being outed in the MeToo movement. But by the way things are moving, it wont be long before his name is cleared & he is back to directing movies. Harassing, exploiting woman sadly is not a big deal in bollywood.

Blind Item

A feisty filmmaker has just announced a fabulous film – a remake of a remake maybe, but one that has blockbuster written all over it. We wonder then, why the filmmaker is having trouble casting a lead actor. We hear one Rs 100-crore guarantor has been asked, as also the hugely talented superstar who we have only seen in controversies of late and not in a film. Could it be a weak script? Or an ensemble role? Or perhaps the filmmaker’s motormouth?

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Farah Khan

Remake: Satte Pe Satta

100cr Guarantor: Shahrukh Khan

Talented Superstar: Hrithik Roshan


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