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Guess Who – Romcom Sequel Will Be Debut Vehicle Of Star Son

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a romcom sequel, which will have a good looking star son make his debut.

This movie which released several years back, two not so big male stars & a big female star. The plot of the movie which revolved around two straight guys posing to be gay, was a runaway hit. Bollywood had never before been exposed to gay jokes of this magnitude earlier & this worked in the movie’s favor. While both the stars were hoping to star in the sequel, the director for reasons unknown never came up with a script for the movie.

Looks the godfather of star kids, has another excuse for casting industry insiders. He cites the reason of established stars throwing too many tantrums! We think the godfather is a classist. While he looks the other way when star kids throw tantrums, he can’t stand when stars who have made it big on their own voice their opinions.

But we must admit, anybody who dreams of making it big in the business hope that the godfather takes them under his wings. He is the best mentor or BF 😉 one can hope to have in the industry.

Blind Item

The announcement of one of the most talked-about and much-discussed sequels of 2019 has finally come! It stars a handsome heartthrob and a star daughter and will be launched by a top production banner. But what has our ears perked up is that the buzz that a dashing-looking star son is all set to debut in the movie too. His father a star too (who still acts in movies) is one of the best-looking guys in the business.

The sequel in question, a rom-com has become famous because of the blockbuster the first one was. The first one, a light-hearted rom-com starred a hunky actor, an actor from an illustrious Bollywood family and a hot, sexy actress who has crossed international boundaries to become a globally renowned actress. The movie was known to have its share of gay humour and was much-loved and appreciated as a pushing-the-envelope kind of movie when it released. One of the actors became famous in a famous beach scene while posing in the tiniest of briefs. An item song featured another hot actress who is known for her yoga moves and books today.

The sequel too requires two male actors. While one was announced, the second one is taking time. Two current box-office sensations (also known for their sensible movies) were approached to play the other male lead in the sequel but apparently turned it down as they didn’t want to be featured opposite the young actress whom they feel don’t have the oomph and sex appeal, the actress in the earlier rom-com, had. Both the young actors wanted somebody hotter and sexier but the producer feels that the actress is talented and wouldn’t listen to their voices, so they had to drop the movie which will revolve around a gay couple and their antics.

After much deliberation, recently a decision was taken in the production house to launch a star son in the sequel, instead of an established star as they throw too many tantrums.

Coming to the debutant star son (who will be the other male lead in the sequel) belongs to an illustrious Bollywood lineage of actors, directors and producers and his parents are very keen that he be launched by the top producer who is known to have launched many talented actors. He is known as the Godfather of many a newbie who has become famous stars now. The producer not just hones their talent but grooms them from walking, talking and teaching them manners and dos-and-don’ts of Bollywood ethics so by the time their movies release, they are already stars. People in Bollywood call him the Man with the Midas touch as to be launched by him, is to strike gold. There are stars lining up with betas and betis outside his production house waiting to be launched by him.

Apparently, his star parents are so keen that they are willing to even offer 15 crore to the producer, for their laadla beta, who is the most dashing star son in town and was revealed only recently. While the star father and his extremely wealthy wife, are happy apparently his brother is not as he believes in launching in the old-fashioned way through their home banner, as has been for years. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months once the star son is finalised!

Now while we love to see new faces on screen, we hope the choice won’t give rise to the nepotism debate again!

Our Guess

Star Kid: Aryaman Deol (son of Bobby Deol)

Sequel: Dostana 2

Current Box Office Sensations: Ayushmann Khurana & Vicky Kaushal

Other Male Star: Kartik Aaryan

Young Actress: Janhvi Kapoor


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