Guess Who – Secret Behind The Couple Act

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the secret behind the two bollywood actors who are rumored to have broken up, but still have their couple act on.

Pinkvilla has published a blind item about this couple breaking up. We too had published an article based on this dubious couple. Looks like Mumbai Mirror too is of a similar opinion. But going them, these two were in a relationship for a while. While we think they never were in a relationship. Apart from publicity, it the huge monies to be made from brand endorsements, which has made them think of the couple act. Things bollywood celebs do for money!

We wonder what is up with this dude? His father said that this actress is his first ever GF. He was rumored to be dating another girl before her, but he denied it. His linkup to another co-star too was fake & was planted by his producer. How can such a successful actor be single? Is he asexual or he is gay? Time will tell!

Blind Item

THESE two stars have their fans in a tizzy about their relationship. It’s not so much an ‘on again, off again…’ scenario, because your diarist can tell you for sure it’s ‘off’ between the two. The woman had, in fact, recently admitted that all her attempts to impress the man had come to nought. But, for some reason, these two are still carrying on as if they’re together. This leaves us scratching our heads. After all, it’s not like they have – heaven forbid – a joint bank account. One theory behind their couple act is that these two make a powerful and potentially highly marketable unit. I guess chemistry is important to some of us, but there will always be those who favour math.

Our Guess

Stars: Disha Patani & Tiger Shroff


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