Guess Who – Sexy & Chirpy Actress Is Out Of Work

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a sexy & chirpy actress who is out of work & is hoping that her superstar mentor will help her out.

If news items are to be believed she is “close” to both – the superstar & his BFF – a producer. The sueprstar even gifted the actress a flat in Bandra. The producer & superstar cast in their big budget movies. This has led to her becoming an A-lister with barely any acting skills. She is the visual delight in male oriented movies & she plays that part well. But looks like the superstar-producer duo are losing interest in her. The superstar after all has a harem full of women to please. The producer on the other hand narrowly escaped the #MeToo storm.

Even if her career does end abruptly, she has made millions. She can easily retire now & marry a rich man if she wishes to.

Blind Item

THINGS are on a massive downward spiral for this sexy and chirpy actress. She hasn’t had any films in her kitty for the past many months. Then, all of a sudden, she was signed for the remake of a southern hit, opposite a young It-boy. But before she could thank Lady Luck, the young hero opted out of the project, which has now been shelved. She does have two other projects announced by her superstar mentor, but there has been no progress. Sigh.

Our Guess

Actress: Jacqueline Fernandes
Southern Hit: Kirik Party
It-Boy: Kartik Aaryan
Superstar Mentor: Salman Khan


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