Guess Who: Studio Wanted Another Star For Award Winning Role

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a studio which wanted a global star instead of the talented actress who ended up winning a national award for her performance.

Aren’t we all thankful that the director of this award winning movie had his way & was able to cast this talented actress for the negative role? While the global star too would have done a good job, one can’t imagine anyone else in that role apart fro the talented actress. The movie was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of last year & even won national awards. It boosted the careers of the lead actor, who is going through a purple patch & the talented actress. She looked stunning in her role as the young wife of a washed out star.

Not much is known about her personal life these days. Is she still dating the married south indian superstar? Not if gossip columns are to be believed. A source informed us that a gangster saw her at a shoot several years back & got infatuated. He made it clear that he wanted to bed her. She went to her co-star – a superstar & her friend, to help her out but he refused. One can’t blame the superstar. This happened in the early 90’s when the underworld had a vice-like grip on bollywood. Going against the gangster – who was the right hand man of the underworld don, would mean an invitation to death. She was also involved with a big bollywood producer for a short while. Apart from these men, she also dated the actor-brother of a 80’s & 90’s superstar.

Blind Item

One of 2018’s biggest hits and a critics’ favourite, this delicious Bollywood thriller scooped up a slew of awards at every ceremony, including a clutch of National Awards. One of the dark suspense film’s biggest strengths is the bravura performance by its leading lady: a celebrated star who took a decidedly negative role.

But the story goes that if the studio coproducing the film had its way, the actress might not have landed the role. Those who worked on the film say the director had his heart set on casting this actress, who had committed in principle. But the studio boss was keen on casting another actress, with recent international stardom and success. The other actress was also interested; she summoned the director for a narration to the US where she was filming then. The studio offered to fly the director out, but he refused to go.

Later when the ‘other actress’ was in Mumbai, the studio set up another meeting with the director, but he didn’t show up. Finally, the studio boss gave up. The director’s choice signed the dotted line, and the rest is history. The studio boss admits nobody could’ve done the role better than her.

Our Guess

Leading Lady: Tabu

Another Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Movie: Andhadhun


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