Guess Who: Superstar Wife Saves The Day

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a superstar wife who saved the day for her husband by helping him bag a plum project.

We have to give it to this actress, she goes out of her way for her beau. Not only her husband, she helped resurrect the career of her ex-BF as well, when they were dating. The ex-BF was going through a rough patch, when they were dating. If another actor is to be believed, he went to the actress with a script for a movie. Before he knew it the actress replaced him with her then BF. The movie turned out to be a superhit & gave the ex-BF’s career a new lease of life. Sadly they broke up before the movie released.

At the expense of being labeled as silly or chauvinist or both, we can’t help but wonder how this actress has been unlucky for her men. The greek god superstar she was dating on the sly, saw his movies flop one after the other. It was only after he broke up with her, that he was back at the top. Her fling – the greek god’s bro-in-law too went through a rough patch, when he was having a fling with this actress. Next came the ex-BF, we spoke about earlier. He too saw his career take a downturn, when he was dating this actress. His biggest hit during this phase, happened after they broke up. He has since been delivering hits consistently. Her husband was an A-lister when they started dating. Now he is no longer looked upon as a viable leading man. While we admit it might all just be a coincidence, we couldn’t help but think on those lines.

Blind Item

Talk about second chances and you might thank this superstar wife to have saved the day for her actor husband. The hubby hasn’t had a successful run at the box office with his movies in recent times. Despite getting acknowledged and being known to be a thinking actor, this star’s films haven’t been able to weave magic. But he recently was part of a big film that did great numbers, although he didn’t play the hero.

Even if his films aren’t working at the box office, what’s surprising is that he’s still landing up plump roles, primarily because of his class acts. But we hear that he was in a completely different zone sometime last year. He was initially offered a fun commercial movie, that happens to be the second part to a hugely successful part one. While the film reunites him with one of the popular heroines from his times, he happens to be the latest addition to the cast replacing another star kid who was part of the original. We hear that our star wasn’t convinced with the role and felt that it wasn’t his age and time to do something this funny as he wanted to be taken seriously. But his last film as a lead was a damp squib at the ticket windows and it was his superstar wife who knocked some sense in him.

The actress biwi told him that a funny rom-com is what he exactly needs to get back in the running. The producer is a good friend and she dialled him up and asked him to reconsider the husband for the role. She’s also extremely close to the producer’s wife who’s the lead heroine in the movie. While the team was already in advanced talks with another actor who’s popular down South, they were happy that the actor decided to revisit his decision and they finally got him on board. It seems the way the film is now shaping up, the actor must be thanking his biwi for making the right career move for him.

Our Guess

Superstar Wife: Kareena Kapoor

Husband: Saif Ali Khan

Movie: Bunty Aur Babli 2

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Producer’s Wife: Rani Mukherjee


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