Guess Who: Sureshot Show Runs Into Trouble

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about a top streamer’s sureshot show running into trouble.

The movie made millions at the box office. The hero of the movie is now a pan India superstar. Audiences were eagerly awaiting the spin off of this blockbuster, which was to be produced by a streaming giant. It is sad how the makers have messed it up & now the show has to be re-shot. Proves that making a hit show/movie is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The heroine of the second installment of the movie was rumored to be dating her co-star. As usual it was just a rumor & it was started by none other than the big-shot filmmaker who was distributing the movie in hindi markets. He always links ups his stars to the sake of some free publicity. His makes his pupils come across as one incestuous lot, with everyone dating one another at any given time. When will he ever realize that content is king & such gimmicks don’t really matter in the larger scheme of things? Meanwhile the heroine of the second installment is actually dating a cricketer & will be getting married soon!

Blind Item

A top streamer’s big bet on a supposedly sureshot show appears to be in trouble. According to the industry grapevine, a streaming giant put down a sizeable chunk of cash while greenlighting a multi-part show envisioned as a spinoff to one of the country’s biggest box-office blockbusters. The show would explore the backstory of one of the film’s central female characters, revealing how she grew into the woman we meet in the film. Given the massive popularity of the film and the interest around the character, there was no reason to believe the show wouldn’t work.

But turns out the delivered show has come in falling very short of internal expectations. According to well-placed sources, the big bosses at the streaming service were underwhelmed by what the producers handed over. Both content and aesthetic were not impressive, prompting them to ask for an overhaul. Problem is the show was filmed on massive, elaborate sets that have since
been dismantled. Also the actress hired to play the younger version of the beloved character from the film has become especially busy in Hindi films since.

Still, one hears that the producers have put up smaller sets and intend to rely heavily on computer graphics and visual effects to expand on them. They’ve also appealed to the actress to give them dates for reshoots. The show is reportedly being rushed into completion, so the streamer can slot it for release at the earliest. It’s already been a few years since the release of the film that inspired it, and the streamer’s plans to cash in on the hype around the film may be quashed.

Sources within the show’s production team are convinced, however, that the final product will be impressive. They blame the delay and reshoots on the fact that there were too many creative opinions in the mix and that the singular vision that powered the film was missing, given that the filmmaker was not involved with the show. But they’re confident the interest in the film and its characters should not be underestimated. Plus they’re saying the actress in the central role has done a solid job. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Our Guess

Top Streamer: Netflix

Show: Baahubali Spinoff based on Sivagami

Actress: Mrunal Thakur


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