Guess Who – The Insecure Gen-Y Actor

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a Gen-Y actor who is insecure about doing a movie with a talented actor again.

Imagine you having a great year at work. Not one step you took turned out to be wrong. You are loved by your bosses & have been given a huge raise. But when the bosses ask you to work with another employee, you refuse to work with him/her. Why? Because you are insecure. You fear that the other employee might outshine you & the bosses may realize that he/she is in fact better than you. This is the case with this rising star. It is funny how is insecure despite having a string of hits this year. While many cite his example for never being involved in any controversy, looks like they have been proven wrong.

The other actor mentioned in the blind item has not been that lucky. Sadly for him, his bets have not paid off. But he is undeniably talented. We are sure he will bounce back. We have been nudging out sources for some gossip about his actress GF & his arrangement with the casting director. Hope our sources hit pay dirt soon!

Blind Item

They say success and stardom changes a person. Especially, when it’s an industry like Bollywood, it happens sooner than ever. So we hear that this young Gen-Y actor, who’s a star now, given his string of successes that followed, is a changed man. Apparently, he has been calling the shots on who should be cast opposite him in films.

The actor, in point, has signed up an unconventional love-story where he has to romance a person of the same sex. While the film is the second part in the franchise, when it was being planned, the filmmaker producing the film, wanted to cast another credible actor from the younger brigade opposite him. Till a year ago, both the actors were considered in the same league, but our hero delivered back to back hits and became a sensation. But the other actor is always talked about for his talent, and has also delivered a 100 crore film last to last year.

The problem was that the quirky romcom needed two powerful actors and our star wasn’t comfortable sharing screen space with the hero. He shared his inhibitions, and his insecurity stemmed from the result of an earlier film that both of them had starred in, where the actor walked away with all the praises, despite our star getting the girl in the end. Frantic calls were made to the producer, who realised that Actor A was a more top-billed hero with a major pull at the box office and hence had to reluctantly give into his demands. In Actor B’s place, he then got a newcomer, who’s also a popular face in the entertainment field because of other reasons, on board to play the star’s romantic lead. All of this seems funny because a few years ago when our star wasn’t a star yet and a critically acclaimed filmmaker wanted him to play the lead opposite a superstar heroine, the actress had refused to work with him and they later got a Punjabi superstar make his big Bollywood debut with the same project. Guess our star boy has forgotten his good ol’ days!

Our Guess

Gen-Y Actor: Ayushmann Khurana

Same Sex Movie: Shubh Mangal Zyaada Savdhaan

Another Credible Actor: Rajkummar Rao

Earlier Film: Bareilly Ki Barfi

Newcomer: Jitendra Kumar

Superstar Heroine: Kareena Kapoor

Punjabi Superstar: Diljit Dosanjh


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