Guess Who – These Two Moms Are Interfering In Theirs Kids Careers

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about two interfering star moms who are the reason why producers are shying away from signing them for movie projects.

Imagine being bossed around not just by your boss, but also his mother, sister, brother & even the kids! This is what bollywood filmmakers have to go through. Not only do they have to pick the tabs of the star’s family, they even have to pander to their every whim. While the filmmakers put up with all this when the celeb’s star is on the rise, they look the other way when the star’s movies flop. One can’t blame the producers can they? But then these filmmakers need to stop treating the stars like the world revolves around them. The stars should be treated like normal people & not make them feel that they are gods.

We have mentioned earlier how this action star is not as decent & well behaved as he claims to be. His life is controlled by his overbearing mother. Her mother was living in with a young man till the time her son’s career took off. This other star kid mentioned in the blind item, has been at the receiving end of several bitchy posts by her classmates on social media. After reading about her mom you realize where she gets her traits from. Her father’s career was solely based on doing supporting roles in big movies. Her mother sucked up to a superstar’s wife in the hopes of landing some roles for her husband & her kids. It is rumored that the actress has been desperately trying to make the superstar’s son fall for her. After all that kid is bollywood royalty.

Blind Item

Baby ke liye juice lao – used to be a common refrain in the 1970s and 80s when star mothers would accompany top actresses on the sets and order their producers around. They would interfere in everything from dates to the food and vanity van arrangements. But with the 90s and entering the 2000 era, times changed and the star moms were replaced by secretaries. There were a few handful of star mothers (1990s) who would order people around on the sets (one was that of a fitness/yoga specialist actress) who would order food, in the name of the actress, but provided for 20 people. She would then pack the extra food and all water bottles provided by production and walk off with her ‘baby.’

While today’s generation of stars are more self-reliant but they have their own teams of managers, costume designers, hairstylists and makeup artists, who have their own demands on and offsets, interestingly, there has been a rise of two star mommies in recent times, who are irritating everybody from the producer and director to the unit with their irrational demands. So much so, that producers and directors have been shying away from signing the two actors because of their interfering moms.

A newbie actress whose last movie tanked at the box-office and her action-dancing hero co-star’s star mothers have become the talk of the town because of their interference in their children’s careers. Apart from their common movie, another similarity between the two is the fact that their mothers don’t listen to anybody – not even their own husbands who have been part of Bollywood for years. One of the mothers is a wannabe socialite who claims to organise events for a fee while the other is a bored housewife, who tried her hand at various departments of filmmaking but could not succeed. Both moms interfere in each and everything concerning their children – from what they wear to the food they eat and the dialogues and scenes in their films.

Though the young actor and the newbie have their own teams guiding their career, the mothers (also close friends in real life) sit in on every script-reading session, butting in with their own suggestions. It’s not just the scripts but other departments of filmmaking too. A producer who wanted to sign the actor, ran away as fast as he could, when he heard that she was going to give inputs for the costume design (and get her name in the credits). The newbie actress’s mother is no less. She calls up her baby’s team every day in the morning and night, asking for information, about what her daughter is doing, whom she is talking to, what she is eating… Generally, keeping tabs. Both mother and daughter are gaining a reputation for being arrogant and not-easy-to-please in Bollywood circles. Where the actor is concerned, he is a dutiful and loving son, who is unaware that his mother is so interfering, as she does it quietly. But both are trying to get their limelight from their star children in different ways.

If they listened to their husbands, the two star mothers would have learned a thing or two, because being in Bollywood for many years, the two men have the understanding and experience required to guide their children’s career, but they don’t. They have given their children complete freedom to handle their work. Hope the two star mothers realise that by such interference, they are only harming and not helping their star children’s careers, which has still not taken off successfully.

Our Guess

Star Kids: Tiger Shroff & Ananya Panday

Moms: Ayesha Shroff & Bhavna Panday


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