Guess Who: This Actor Has Started Smoking Again

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar who has started smoking again due to anxiety.

We have mentioned earlier how almost all of bollywood is either into drugs, alcohol, ciggarettes or all the three. While some have neither of these three vices, these celebs have a weakness for women. While most of the celebs make an honest effort to get rid of these vices, like all humans they can’t control their urges when they get anxious. In a industry where fortunes change every Friday, anxiety is a very common ailment. Even A-lister can’t escape it.

Take the case of this superstar. He has put in his heart & soul into his upcoming film. As long as the movie gets a normal release insiders say that the movie is going to be a huge money spinner. But what if the movie doesn’t get a proper release? Like it happened in the case of this action flick, which was on course to becoming a hit, but was pulled of theatres because of the epidemic. This question has been giving celebs sleepless nights. The worst hit are producers, whose ongoing productions are stalled because of the epidemic.

This superstar has openly admitted that he had a smoking addiction. What few people know is that he is also a gracious host. A source mentioned that this superstar spends lavishly on his parties. Only a select few are invited. This superstar has a coterie. The superstar’s coterie is part of all his projects. You will see them on all of his sets & or even as his supporting cast. Once you are in his coterie you can expect regular flow of work to come your way. If you don’t believe us, just go through his previous films right from the 90’s. Don’t be shocked if you notice the supporting cast almost always get repeated. While he may have a weakness for women, he is probably the classiest celeb of bollywood.

Blind Item

We all have different ways of dealing with anxiety. Some of us bite nails, others chew on hair. But this popular actor has taken to smoking once again after successfully quitting years ago.It seems the shoot for his big film, like all other films this year, has been stalled due to lockdown. The actor has a lot riding on this project, more so since his last outing was a giant flop.

Our Guess

Actor: Aamir Khan

Movie: Laal Singh Chaddha


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