Guess Who – This Actor Is Seeking Therapy

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who is seeking therapy, post separating from his wife.

He dated his wife for a long time before getting married. There were rumors of him dating any of his co-stars or even casual flings. They were giving couple goals. He proved people who claim bollywood stars can’t remain faithful to their partners wrong. But news of his extra marital affair sent shock waves throughout the industry. There have been several blind items about the actor being showered with gifts by his new squeeze. But those blind items never seem to mention the or drop hints about the gender of his new love interest. Which is making several people wonder whether his new lover is a man.

His fans were concerned about his health after his latest pics surfaced. He looked unhealthy & in need of help. We hope the actor & his wife are able to tide over this crisis.

Blind Item

WE are only too happy that movie stars are taking their mental health quite seriously, and we do hope more of them open up about seeking therapy. A young actor with reasonable success, who is separated from his wife, has been seeing a counsellor these days. His marriage may have been magical and his pretty wife and he the ideal couple, but their separation has hit him hard. He’s learning to cope with a little professional assistance, and we applaud him for that. Meanwhile, how we wish some of our other stars get themselves some help too.

Our Guess

Young Actor: Imran Khan


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