Guess Who: This Actor’s Father Is Concerned

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a female actor’s father being concerned over the theatrical release of her movies.

This female star’s father was a producer. He himself blew up his money going over-budget on his movies. while he produced several hit films in the 80’s & early 90’s, a few flops totally wiped out his bank balance. It is said that he could never really recover from a flop starring his late wife & brother. There were huge expectations from the movie, as their previous film was a mammoth hit. But sadly their movie flopped very badly. He did produce some good movies later on. Some were hits, while others were flops. He was forced to sell the rights of his movies for a paltry sum after his debts kept increasing.

It is rumored that he has some expensive habits(wink wink). A source & several others insists that his wife was murdered by him. He wanted to get a hold of her all her wealth. We wonder how his daughters are still living with him, if there any truth to it?

If some rumors are to be believed the daughter – a female actor, is dating a young heartthrob. Her ex-BF, who was the co-star of her debut film has moved on to an older woman. But we are skeptical about all these affair rumors considering they are all mentored by the same filmmaker, who loves to plant fake blind items about his protegees.

Blind Item

The producer father of this young actress was reportedly concerned when he found out his daughter’s next film was being sent straight to streaming. She’s only had one theatrical release so far; her second film was a made-for-streaming project. And now this! He wasn’t sure it was the best thing for her career.

The film’s producer convinced the actress’ father that there was no cause for concern. The film would likely have a much bigger audience on streaming. Also, he assured him that there would be a huge promotional splash around the time of the film’s release. Besides, he reassured the producer papa that the other film she’s doing for the banner would definitely open in theatres.

The concerned father was satisfied with the producer’s assurances. The actress herself is very excited about the film. But now there is news coming in that another film she completed before lockdown may also be heading for a streaming release. Unlikely that her father would be pleased.

Our Guess

Producer-Father: Boney Kapoor

Daughter: Janhvi Kapoor

Film’s Producer: Karan Johar

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