Guess Who: This Actress Is Having Sleepovers At Her BF’s Place

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an actress who is having sleepvers at her bf’s place.

This actress has had a mixed bag of sorts as far as her movies are concerned. While her latest release didn’t do as well as expected, her previous films were big hits. She has been dating a photographer & is rumored to hook up with her ex-BF on the sly. Her PR is trying hard to make her come across as one of the top actresses. But sadly that is not the case. She is facing stiff competition from the newer lot as well. So investing in a relationship & getting married is not a bad idea for her.

Everybody is able to see through her PR’s obsession with another young actress – who is more successful than her. It would have been better had they made it less obvious.

Many wonder how this actress has managed not be at the receiving end of the nepotism debate. Maybe her being low key & speaking sensibly during interviews have helped.

Blind Item

This actress who’s known more for her dance skills of late is spending her leisure time at her beau’s apartment, albeit secretly. She’s been having sleepovers, and carefully manages to ditch the paps as she enters and exits his house.

This pretty actress who’s known more for her dance skills of late, is dating her childhood friend since quite some time now and rumours have been afloat. Now, a birdie informs us that since a week or so, the actress has been having secret sleepovers at his place. They aren’t living in together officially, but she spends her leisure time at his residence and it’s in the wee hours of the morning, that her driver is summoned to pick her up without making much noise, to avoid the prying eyes of the paps. Kya kya karna paddta hai to hide your love story!

Our Guess

Actress: Shraddha Kapoor

BF: Rohan Shreshtha


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