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Guess Who – This Actress Is Planning For A Baby

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Mumbai Mirror published a blind item about an A-lister actress who has not been doing much films lately and now is planning a baby.

She has been on top of her game for a long time. She delivered back to back successful hits. She bagged national awards. She found her way to the top and she didn’t leave the throne a bit. Though it’s a different issue that she found better options elsewhere and chose to pursue it. She did make us proud. But these days offers are becoming scarce. No, don’t get that wrong. Directors are still willing to sign her but she is too busy with her other engagements. She didn’t have a solo film in the longest of times.

Now,newly married,we hear that she is planning a baby. That would surely be another hindrance and prevent her from doing films for quite some time. While we absolutely marvel at the idea that she is happily married and is thinking about extending her family, we have been, for too long, waiting to see her in films. We cannot wait longer, we want her back!

Blind Item

If you ask us, this beautiful and newly married actor signs too few films anyways. But soon it’s going to be even harder to see her onscreen. We hear her new husband and she are planning a baby as soon as she wraps up her current commitments. While we can’t wait for the couple to have their own goals,we are barely ready to give the leggy lady a break.

Our Guess

Actress-Priyanka Chopra-Jonas


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