Guess Who: This Actress Is Stalking Her Ex-BF

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actress who is stalking her ex-BF.

This is one of the most confusing blind items published by Pinkvilla. If we are not able to solve it, we wonder if newbies who are amateurs when it comes to blind items will be able to solve it quickly. There are two actors who fit the bill. But a lot of googling was required before we could crack this blind item.

The ladies man actor in question, is actually considered a sleazeball if gossip articles are to be believed. He narrowly managed to escape being outed when the MeToo movement was gaining momentum. But as of now he seems to have found love in a lesser known actress. it is rumored that it is he who decides which projects he takes up henceforth. She tries her best to land the role of the lead actress opposite him. The ladies man actor’s career is doing well after his last movie succeeded in a big way.

We have to admit, we had not heard of these two actors hooking up or dating before we read this blind item. There were rumors that the actress went to her current BF’s house & threatened to commit suicide if the action star doesn’t mend his cheating ways.

Blind Item

This beautiful actress is slowly and gradually making her mark in Bollywood. But, despite bagging some plum assignments, she hasn’t gotten over her ex-boyfriend. She keeps in touch on a regular basis with people close to him for updates on his social and professional life. And it’s not just a gentle call – she hounds them almost every day to know his whereabouts and whom he’s dating now. But he does not know.

He is a handsome young man, one of the rising stars of today and known to have the reputation of being a ladies man. Single and ready to mingle, he has been linked to some of the young starlets of today. In fact, he is now getting the tag of a filmi boyfriend with the buzz being, with stories coming out of his linkups the moment he begins shooting for his new movie. The actor had hooked up with a beautiful actress while acting in a film together (though it was a well-known secret) but once the shoot got over, he dumped her without any explanations and started dating a classy actress instead.

Bitter and smarting, the actress has gossiped about his deeds to all who would listen, but the young actor didn’t care. He went on to his next conquest, another talented actress, with whom he had signed a new film. That too didn’t last – only this time this actress dumped him without any explanation. But the happy-go-lucky actor, after sulking around for a bit, soon found another girlfriend (who has broken up with her ex, another actor) and seems content in the relationship today.

But his ex GF, whom he had dumped, has still not forgotten him. The ambitious actress, has moved on with an action star and he is said to be completely smitten by her (they have even signed some films together and are known as a hit pair), but the actress is still hurting from her ex’s callous move. She calls up people who know the ex well and with whom she had struck a friendship with while dating him and keeps tabs on him. The beautiful actress calls them up every day and finds out what he does – right from his new movies, his female co-stars, whom he is dating at present and his current whereabouts. She used to do it when they were dating and as then, today too, the actor has no clue about it.

While some would call it stalker alert, we say insecurity has its limits…

Our Guess

Beautiful Actress: Disha Patani

Ex-BF: Sushant Singh Rajput

Beautiful Actress 2: Kriti Sannon

Classy Actress: Sara Ali Khan

Another GF: Rhea Chakraborty(Ex BF – Aditya Roy Kapoor)


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