Guess Who – This Actress Was Caught Kissing On Camera

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an actress who caught kissing her childhood friend on camera

Daughter of a famous 90s actor, she has not been as successful as most of her contemporaries. She was previously dating a very talented actor and filmmaker and the lovers were also caught making out in the washroom at a club. The young beauty’s dad however was disapproving of their relationship and is also rumoured to have dragged her out of the apartment where the couple were living together and is the cause of their breakup. It’s pretty obvious that the breakup had left her badly heartbroken. But looks like things have changed for the better for her and she is really into her old friend now. The actor-filmmaker on the other hand,post breakup had been dating the sister of a famous VJ and singer from MTV.

As per some sources, the actress’ mother too had her share of affairs. While her dad comes across as the black sheep of the family, her mom was shrewd to be low-key. This rumor is known to all the actress’ classmates. Must be difficult to have grown up in such a household.

Blind Item

Peek-A-Boo Affair Caught On Cam, But This Actress Still Trying To Fool People She’s Single!
Playing hide-n-seek is not her forte, so at least knows that she’s hoodwinking people into believing that she is single. But the fact remains that this actress is having a rollicking scene with her bachpan ka dost

She’s had her share of heartbreaks, the last one being quite terrible which left her shattered for a very long time. Now, her childhood friend has got up close and personal with her and she has reciprocated his advances. Kith and Kin know what’s happening behind their back, it won’t be wrong to say that she was caught ion camera—- but she has sworn them all to complete secrecy. And mind you, this actress is no great shakes in her histrionics on screen but squeezes herself into several films by quoting a lower acting fee than what her counterparts charge. So, many girls in B-town might not be envious about her love life but they definitely go green when they often find announcements in newspapers having her in lead roles for which they were in talks with. Woh kehte hain na, some people have their cake and eat it too!

Our Guess
Actress: Shraddha Kapoor
Friend: Rohan Shreshta


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