Guess Who: This Corporate Giant Stepped Back From Showbiz

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a corporate giant stepping back from showbiz, as per the advice of their astrologer.

This corporate giant was in the news for mass layoffs of their employees this year. They have spent huge sums in the telecom business, which is affecting their bottom lines. There have been reports of them trying to sell their media business. They recently sold a stake in their flagship oil business as well. Looks like the slowdown, debt burden is affecting the world’s richest man as well. While his brother went all out blowing money up on movies, this businessman is way more cautious.

Sadly movie loving audiences will have to wait longer to see the expensive period epic being planned with a top superstar on the silver screen.

Blind Item

A corporate giant recently wanted to get into movie-making and was holding talks with a well-known star. Even the budget was finalised on the scale of a blockbuster epic. But we hear the project has been put on the backburner for now. Though the buzz is that the firm’s businesses are down, it’s actually an astrologer who advised the biggie that the actor’s stars don’t quite align.

Our Guess

Corporate Giant: Reliance

Star: Aamir Khan

Epic: Mahabharat


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