Guess Who: This Director Is Infatuated With An Actress

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a director who is infatuated with a newbie actress.

It is not uncommon for directors to fall for their heroines. Many of them end up getting married. While some hook up with their heroines to channel their “creative juices”. The long hours spent during script sessions & workshops often lead to affairs. Directors are also known to the foremost proponents of the casting couch. Most of the directors of the 90’s are known to indulge in it. Several present prominent filmmakers(almost everyone) have extra marital affairs with their AD’s or their heroines. This well behaved, genius filmmaker who is probably the biggest director of the country too was outed in the MeToo movement.

This blind item reminds us about this other producer-director who was infatuated with an actress whom he launched. He is married to a power house character actor. But that didn’t stop him from having some fun outside his marriage. A source who worked in the airline industry told us about how this producer behaved like a love struck puppy, getting all cosy with his heroine during the promotions of their action film starring a martial arts expert with a superb physique.

Blind Item

Love can be blind and it is so true in the case of this renowned filmmaker who has gone completely bonkers about this actress. Known for making some content worthy films, a well-known filmmaker seems to have been infatuated by a young actress The filmmaker is completely besotted with this young actress who he launched in a film starring a young superstar. The actress had gone away from Hindi film industry after the film received an underwhelming response and was not keen on working.

However, this filmmaker, who is besotted, has not only got her back but has also gone ahead to cast her in his next film which is a biopic on a freedom fighter. Those who know this prolific filmmaker feel the behaviour is very unlike him. Being infatuated by the actress, he does not tolerate a single word against the young girl and is always hovering around her. The filmmaker’s behaviour and over protectiveness is putting off people in the unit.

The unit of the filmmaker keeps bitching her out and laughing at the madness of the man. Well, in Bollywood, such cases tend to happen. However, if the filmmaker doesn’t stop going all bonkers in front of his crew, they might continue to laugh on him. Can you guess the name of the filmmaker and the actress?

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Shoojit Sircar

Actress: Banita Sandhu

Film which Received Underwhelming Response: October

Young Superstar: Varun Dhawan

Upcoming Film: Sardar Udham Singh Biopic


One thought on “Guess Who: This Director Is Infatuated With An Actress

  • November 15, 2019 at 3:45 am

    The first part of the article inisinuates Vipul Shah who is married to Shefali Shah & recently produced Commando starring Vidyut Jamwal…


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