Guess Who – This Director Was Blindsided By An Actor

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a MeToo accused director who was blindsided by an actor’s volte face.

In bollywood it doesn’t matter how tainted you are. As long as your movies make money, it doesn’t matter whether you are a murderer, or a terrorist, or rapist, or a fraud. How else will you explain celebs working with MeToo accused directors. They portray themselves to be good & responsible citizens but their actions speak otherwise. Thankfully the audiences have started pressurizing their stars to do the right thing.

But the big fishes always manage to escape. A superstar has signed a movie to be directed by the country’s biggest director – a MeToo accused. A top producer escaped punishment by making his wife sing paeans of his integrity. it is common knowledge in the industry that he has been boning a young actress who has gained fame for her item numbers. The producer is a notorious sleazeball. His wife cares for the money more than anything else. Two senior actors have signed for a sequel of their hit movie, which released in the 80’s. The movie will be directed by another MeToo accused filmmaker. “Paisa Fekh Tamasha Dekh” best describes bollywood.

Blind Item

After a strapping action star was spotted taking meetings with a director who’d been recently named and shamed in a #MeToo scandal, news followed that the actor would be making a movie with the disgraced filmmaker, thereby ‘rehabilitating’ him only months after he’d been dropped from a multi-starrer project.

But now sources reveal that the actor may have chickened out after he came under attack from women’s groups and fans over his presumed apathy towards victims of abuse and harassment.

Meanwhile, the director has told friends he was blindsided by the actor’s volte face. The filmmaker has said he was looking forward to getting back to work. But he has realised from this incident that redemption isn’t going to come so easy.

Our Guess

Actor: John Abraham

Director: Sajid Khan


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