Guess Who: This Director’s Project Was Declined By Three Actors

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a reclusive director’s whose project was declined by three actors.

This director was a maverick director’s protege. But after the mentor’s career nosedived this director was forced to move camp. He did direct a few good movies, which turned out to be hits. But he hasn’t been very active. It is surprising that a sports movie directed by him, starring the then numero uno superstar was a critical & commercial success. Anyone in his place would have milked the success of that movie, but this director had different plans. Directors are a quirky lot. Many of them are self centred & egoistic. Some do get obsessed with the script or the movie they are making at that point in time. There was a director who would ask his heroine to pose nude with a violin in his bathroom for “inspiration”.

The debutante mentioned in the blind item is the toast of the town. He caught everyone’s attention with his confident portrayal as the second lead in a cult film. He is rumored to be taking his time in choosing projects. We hope he doesnt take too long. Equations in bollywood change fast. If there is no announcement of big upcoming projects soon, he may be forgotten.

Blind Item

A reclusive but brilliant director who’s made only three features so far is reportedly having a tough time casting for his next project. Word is that at least three actors have ‘politely declined’ the lead role, despite the fact that the film is being produced by one of Bollywood’s top studios.

And we aren’t even talking big superstars. One of the actors who turned him down is a debutant who did a splashy first film that was one of the year’s best.

Turns out the lack of enthusiasm from actors has hit the filmmaker hard. He’s reportedly put the film on the back burner for now and has instead signed up to codirect an epic television series with a leading NRI filmmaker. He’s been telling friends he doesn’t know if and when he’ll return to the film.

Our Guess

Director: Shimit Amin

Actor: Siddhant Chaturvedi


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