Guess Who – This Diva Got Her Co-stars Thrown Out Of A Song

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Mid-Day published this blind item about an actress who got her co stars thrown out of a song.

She was once hailed as a top actress but now after her marriage and the birth of her child, the number of film she does has gone down drastically. She has been a part of many a sizzling item numbers where all that shone was her. The actor with whom she is paired has done a couple of movies with her in the past and he is still a strong contender at the box office. The diva also had her fair share of controversies and is popularly known as a gossipmonger. She is known for her tantrums and short temper. She likes to have things her way always. Hailing from a well known Bollywood family, she sure has a lot of friends who let her have her way with things.

The younger couple includes an actor-singer who is known for his simplicity and the young actress is a rising star. With good looks and dollops of acting skills she is now a face to look out for. Though her movies so far didn’t have much for her to do, she stirred up the internet when she did a short in a popular online streaming site. She has been rumored to be having a fling with her co-star of another film – a remake of a hit south indian film.

This incident is sure to heat up the relation with this diva and the younger couple.

Blind Item

Shot in the dark: This diva gets co-stars edited out of song
Recently, a song was shot with the four actors in the slice-of-life drama, this top female star got the younger couple edited out from the song
This news about a top Bollywood filmmaker’s upcoming production revolving around an older and a younger couple is not exactly music to our ears. Recently, a song was shot with the four actors in the slice-of-life drama film.

All was well till this top female star, who plays the older couple with an A list co-star, saw the rushes on the song. She felt there was no need of the youngsters in the track. The said couple is played by a singer-actor, while his female co-star is on the rise thanks to her films with big stars. Considering the producer is a close pal, the diva got her way. The younger couple found themselves out of the track.

Our Guess

Older couple- Kareena Kapoor Khan & Akshay Kumar
Younger couple- Kiara Advani & Diljit Dosanjh
Movie- Good News


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