Guess Who: This Filmmaker Uses His Wife’s Bungalow To Meet His GF

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a filmmaker who uses his wife’s bungalow to hook up with a young actress.

When his wife died under mysterious circumstances, many pointed their fingers at him. But then when they saw the entire family stand by him, the rumors died down. His daughters would never forgive him if there was any truth to these rumors they said.

But some international gossip portals mentioned that he is heavily into gambling & women. He needs money to fund these habits & this is what led to him plotting his wife’s death! He apparently was even bedding a global star of Indian origin! Is there any truth to these rumors? Frankly, even we don’t know.

But it looks like the rumors are at least partly true. Pinkvilla is the third source to inform us about the filmmaker’s womanizing ways. Looks like apart from the youngest brother, the family is full of sleazeballs. They have an insatiable appetite for women. Gossip columns are replete with blind items which hint at this filmmaker being a young actress’ suga daddy. Our sources too have told us about his addiction to gambling & cricket betting.

Blind Item

What’s the difference between casting couch and compromise? While the Me Too movement has several big filmmakers named for their sexual misconduct, what also can’t be ignored is the willingness with which several struggling actors – both male and female – give in to such demands. Let’s talk about a senior filmmaker, who’s clearly found a new way to fulfill his desires.

The filmmaker had almost lost everything, despite delivering several big blockbusters since the ’80s. While he belongs to a khandaan, he’s the only guy from his generation who isn’t an actor. In fact, he’s now a father and two of his own kids are in the movie business, trying to make their own space. His eldest kid is an actor and was launched a few years ago whereas one of his daughters also debuted very recently. He currently doesn’t have a woman in his life and even when he did, he was known to have quite a colourful life outside. So, we hear that the producer calls struggling heroines to one of his bungalows for some fun, quite often. Although he doesn’t stay there at all, he uses the bungalow only for such ‘recreational’ purposes, away from the prying eyes of the media and his extended family. The bungalow belongs to his wife and a young starlet, majorly seen in erotic thrillers, can be seen zooming in and out of it almost every week.

And our producer isn’t the only one. In fact, the keys of the bungalow are also shared with a few other filmmakers who use the space to have their own share of fun. One of the most prominent faces that the neighbours have seen coming out of the house happens to be this unconventional director, who was also once part of a quarter that split. While one of his other then-partners was named in the Me Too, he sided with his filmmaker buddy who opposed the one named. What shocked many around was that otherwise, the director is known for his gentlemanly behaviour. The producer is also known to be a family man. But then again, what has one’s public image got to do with their bodily needs?

Our Guess

Filmmaker: Boney Kapoor

Wife: Sridevi

Starlet: Urvashi Rautela

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane


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