Guess Who: This Friend Is Back In The Royal’s Life

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This friend is back in a ginger haired royal’s life, unbeknownst to his wife.

The royal family of this country are easily the most widely followed royal family across the globe. Their scandals make worldwide news & bring joy to the faces of media company owners. There are rumors of one of the royals being assassinated by the monarchy several years back. Many claim that it is indeed true, but there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Since the time one of the youngest royals ended up marrying a colored TV actress from another country, there has been no dearth of scandals from the royal household. The young royal has since stopped being a full time royal & is now living a life as a commoner in another country. He now goes to the sore to pick up his grocery!

Rumor mongers insist that the royal’s wife is a control freak & is coercing her husband to toe her line. She is hated by the conservative populace of her husband’s country – for being colored & for taking the Price away from them. If news reports are to be believed the wife did not get along with any of the members of the royal family.

The royal family too has been shrewd enough not to make their frustration or anger public. Just goes to show how classy they are when it comes to all this.

Blind Item

The friend who had been banned from this ginger haired royal’s life is back in. The friend who was banned was the one who set up the original “date” with the alliterate actress. Apparently the actress is not aware of it yet, but I find that hard to believe. If I know, she must know because we share the same mutual back to the banned friend.

Our Guess

Friend: Tom Inskip

Royal: Prince Harry

Wife: Meghan Markle


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