Guess Who: This Gorgeous Actress Signs Movie With Disgraced Director

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a gorgeous actress who has signed a movie, which will be directed by a disgraced director

How many times does Pinkvilla intend to write about the same topic? We had mentioned earlier how MeToo was a failed movement in India, mainly because not all the actresses, especially the top names participated in it. It is just a matter of time before all the accused filmmakers will be back in business. Don’t be shocked if you hear them getting back to their old ways.

The actress in question had starred in a hit several years earlier, wherein she played the main protagonist. She had a superstar as the hero, but the movie was mainly about her. She did manage to pull it off. But this was at a time when she was much younger. Not only was she dating a big star, but she was also drop-dead gorgeous. There were rumors of her having a fling with the hero of the aforementioned movie as well. But she made the mistake of gambling it all on a Casanova scion of a prominent Bollywood family.

Last heard, the actress is looking at a career as a digital influencer. She does have a new beau. He has recently transitioned from playing character roles to landing lead roles in A-grade movies. Considering the stars she has dated in the past, she would want him to be a big star before she even thinks of a long term commitment. But one never knows. She may just have matured & may not care for what the world thinks.

Blind Item

Let’s admit it: Me Too in India was a huge disaster. While several women voiced their stories of sexual abuse and harassment bravely, not much really came about it. The accused were roaming around scot-free and some of them even got clean chits. One of those accused who was also possibly one of the first few names to have come out in public, is already back to work and has started on his next directorial venture. Despite being in news for humiliating one of his assistants, the filmmaker was given due credit in his last project, which starred a superstar.

Now, when he was putting his next movie in place, he found it extremely difficult to find actors for it. In fact, not many actually came forward and were okay with the idea of doing a film with him. Except this one heroine, who despite being an A-list actress is struggling to find work. The lady we’re talking about was never considered a powerful performer until she delivered with a few films in recent times. While many thought that her luck would change, she stopped getting good work. Many filmmakers also don’t want to cast her because they feel there are better choices from the younger generation who can easily replace her.

So when the Me Too accused filmmaker approached her to play the lead in his next – a slice of life drama about a father and daughter – she gave a verbal nod to the film, so much so in desperation. The filmmaker has previously given a huge sleeper hit in the same genre with another top actress and our A-lister feels he will be able to spread the same magic with her as well. But as of now, modalities haven’t been locked. But many who are close to the actress have warned her of the repercussions of signing a film with the director, given the controversies he’s mired in. But she hasn’t paid any heed to such comments and has decided to do the film… for now, at least! We don’t know if it will eventually happen, given the economic scenario in the film industry. After all, we aren’t sure if producers would be keen on spending so much money on a film that primarily revolves around the heroine. Ouch!

Our Guess

Heroine: Katrina Kaif

Filmmaker: Vikas Bahl

Previous Hit: Queen


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