Guess Who: This Madam Is Cosying Up To A Superstar

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a beautiful female actor who is cosying up to a superstar for the sake of acting jobs.

This beautiful female actor used to be a dutiful wife. She literally gave up her career for the sake of her husband & her kids. But when she found out that her husband was philandering, she divorced him. She is one fiesty woman, who won’t put up with any nonsense. She was then seen in a superstar’s movie, as his wife. The movie tanked, but she was noticed for her good looks. Looks like acting offers have dried up. There is only one celeb whom all beautiful women run to when acting jobs dry up. He takes good care of them & sees to it that none of the bollywood vultures mistreat them. We believe our readers are smart enough to determine what he asks for in return. It is a win-win situation.

We had written several blind items & even OI Originals about his farmhouse earlier. There is nothing new to share on this front. But we are shocked by how people are judging him for living his life on his terms. It’s thansk to such hypocrites that our celebs are forced to become hypocrites. While they themselves cheat on their GF’s/BF’s or spouses, they will be quick to question their superstars when they do the same. When the actresses & the superstar in question don’t have an issue, who are you to judge? They will like pics of instagram celebs who parade with topless women but will chastisise Indian celebs. Bollywood fans don’t deserve honesty!

Blind Item

AN especially beautiful actor, mum to a couple of kids, is trying her luck out in Bollywood. Nothing wrong with that, except that luck favours only whom it wants to.

So, madame is trying her hand at the next best thing. That is cosying up to a superstar, also often a mentor to women in dire straits. While the superstar is now planning a film or two with the lovely lady, the kids are happy to have a father figure around

Our Guess

Actor: Waluscha D’Souza

Superstar: Salman Khan


5 thoughts on “Guess Who: This Madam Is Cosying Up To A Superstar

  • April 22, 2020 at 11:03 pm

    The reason your superstar is criticised is because there seems to be no other option but to go the way of the flesh for these aspiring actors from non Bollywood families. When you give in to one person’s demands , you may well end up compromising with other sleazy types who will ask for the same sort of favors in return for work . It’s a vicious circle which can’t be broken and the lady will never escape her past ! Waluscha is 40 years old , a mother of 3 kids (ancient by Bollywood standards) who is probably compromising to secure her future and that of her children’s. A woman should be offered work based on her talent and screen presence ,if she’s not good enough -tell her to go ! But do not exploit her for her personal situation which is wrong and unethical. Do you seriously think Salman would pull such a stunt on Athiya Shetty or Sonakshi or Isabelle Kaif?

    • April 23, 2020 at 10:51 am

      well said. but what if these women themselves inititiate an arrangement? besides in a industry where almost everyone is exploiting women & portraying themselves to be faithful husbands, why are we harsh only on this one celeb?

      • April 30, 2020 at 3:19 am

        Abhishek bachchan have never came into this non sense type sex with other women’s/girls. Is he better than most of actors !!! What you all say ??

        • April 30, 2020 at 3:08 pm

          abhishek bachchan doesn’t count. Only the top stars have the clout to influence casting decisions.

  • April 24, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    I fully agree with you ,there are ladies who deliberately latch onto a powerful ,connected man to fulfill their ambitions . My statement is not only about Salman ( who is the answer to the blind item above) ,but all those influential Bollywood types who expect sex for work . It’s not the same as an extra marital affair which is presumably out of affection or lust ! Here it’s almost like that of a commercial sex worker who gets a role instead of cold cash . Married men like Sanjay Dutt ,Ajay Devgan & Akshay Kumar are infamous for bullying newcomer actresses who don’t give in to them . They get the ladies’ roles cut ,dialogues scratched out , songs given away , ignored during publicity ,kicked out of movies! There will be plenty of women who are too terrified to complain and who won’t have supportive families ! Look at Jackie who went on from Sajid Khan to Sajid Nadiadwala to Salman Khan . Please try and read that very hard hitting blind item from a top South Indian actress who did latch onto a few men for her career ! Just because a few powerful males ask for it (& perhaps get it too) doesn’t make such behavior correct !


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