Guess Who – This OTT Platform Honcho Wants To Build An Attractive Valuation

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Mumbai Mirror published this blind Item about a OTT platform head honcho who wants to build an attractive valuation for their platform.

The production house in concern churned out popular mega serials before deviating towards web content. It still produces serials on Indian television. The head honcho is a famous daughter of a famous father. She is a powerful personality connected to the television world. She has a big bad temper and will shout unnecessarily at her employees. Creative conflicts are bound to arise since she is not known to appreciate suggestions.

She is rumoured to be bisexual and recently had kids through surrogacy. Her office has a different kind of aura whenever you enter it you are bound to hear religious and spiritual chants and mantras…. Almost like an ashram. The office also houses a mandir near it’s entrance. She herself wears plenty of charmers and amulets, religious stones and threads.She is extremely superstitious and there was a time when all her show/movie titles had to start with a particular letter of the alphabet. Though she has given up that practice, she still has very superstitious mannerisms about her work. This might be the cause of the creative differences as well. Superstitions can often hinder art, can it not?

Blind Item

In the era of booming web content, one platform was swiftly acquired notoriety among producers. While it’s launching new shows almost every other week and placing expensive hoardings to promote them, it’s quality is a serious concern. Producers say there is no creative understanding within the team and timelines are unreal.Also,some parts of one of its most recent shows, even after being launched, were re-shot and replacements were made to the uploaded files. So the episode six of a show you watched in December would be very different if you watched it today. However, the platform doesn’t seem to care as the apparent mandate is to build valuation and volume so that an attractive sell-out price can be achieved in the times to come.

Our Guess

Production house- AltBalaji
Owner- Ekta Kapoor


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