Guess Who: This Producer Has Asked His Stars To Take A Pay Cut

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a producer who is asking his stars to take a pay cut

The Covid-19 epidemic & the ongoing lockdown have hit the businesses the world over. The film industry for one is badly reeling due to uncertainty over revenues from theatres. It comes as no surprise that producers are asking their stars to take a pay cut in these uncertain times. While both the stars are this top producer’s friends, business obviously comes first. We won’t be shocked if the stars are forced to comply.

The producer in question had a hit film, which got reduced to an average film at the box office due to the coronavirus outbreak. He will definitely push the heroes hard to save some money.

If blind items are to be believed, he has spent crores on trying to hush actresses who intended to out him for his casting related activities. The covid-19 outbreak has only worsened things for him.

Blind Item

If everyone is getting their salaries slashed, why should our overpaid Bollywood stars be far behind? We hear cost cutting has turned into a major concern for the movie business that is suffering insurmountable losses due to the lockdown. An uber successful Producer has asked two of his actors (both among the industry’s money spinners) to take a 20% pay cut. It isn’t confirmed whether the actors, who are friends with the producer, have agreed or not. But we hear the filmmaker isn’t budging.

Our Guess

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

Actors: Akshay Kumar & Salman Khan


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