Guess Who: This Producer Is Besotted With A Heroine

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a producer being besotted with a young heroine.

This young heroine was launched by a director who is known to make long movies. There were rumors of her hooking up with her greek god co-star. A source confirms that they did hook up. But he was fresh off a divorce & didn’t want controversy. Besides the greek god has a habit of hooking up with women & then behaving like nothing happened. As expected, both denied it. After the movie flopped, she went to star in movies down South. Luckily for her, those movies did well. One of the movies which released recently did blockbuster business & even its songs were a rage.

It looks like she has learned the ropes of making it in Bollywood & is cozying up to a producer. This producer is one of the biggest names & has 3-4 movie releases every year. That explains why another A-list actress too always keeps him happy.

Blind Item

Affairs and extra marital relationships are too common in the film industry. There are several actors, both male and female, who know the shortcuts to success. Our leggy lass here, clearly plays the game quite well. Our little birdie tells us that the gorgeous actress is currently in a no-strings-attached relationship with a film producer, and guess what! She already has signed two big films under his banner!

So, the producer, a rather married man known for his goodwill and warm nature, is currently besotted with his new leading lady. Our heroine is quite a powerful name down South but when it comes to Hindi films, she’s not been able to make her presence felt at all, despite starring opposite two superstars in two films. The last film she was seen in, was produced by our gentleman and was a huge ensemble. But unfortunately, nobody even noticed her in the powerful ensemble.

To make up for the same, the producer signed her opposite one of his upcoming big-ticket production venture, that also stars a big superstar. While the male star wanted someone else in the film, his producer friend cajoled him into saying yes to our heroine. The role might not be big in the South remake, but at least, starring opposite such a huge superstar might change her fortunes. Not just that, there’s another film the producer is bankrolling, with one of his other friends – again a superstar. The heroine has bagged a small role opposite him in that as well, all thanks to her sugar daddy! We wonder if this friendship (with benefits) will last longer, or will they find new pastures? Your guess is as good as ours!

Our Guess

Actress: Pooja Hegde

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

Upcoming Production: Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali

Superstar: Salman Khan

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