Guess Who: This Star Is Desperate To Bag A Movie Rejected By Another

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a young actor who is desperate to bag a project rejected by another star.

This young star has carved a niche for himself in the industry. Barring his last film, all his movies in the last 2-3 years have done well. He has a sizeable female fan following as well, which makes the nation’s heartthrob. Rumors of his affairs keeps him constantly in the news as well. There are several fan pages around his affair with one of his co-stars. But another female star is rumored to be trying to woo him. If this blind item is true it all adds up. She was supposed to be the female lead of this movie- which was rejected by the other actor. By cajoling the heartthrob to pitch for the movie to be made, she has got another movie in her kitty.

This blind item was definitely planted by the other actor’s PR. He seems all nice & helpful when seen around other celebs. But he gives out glimpses of his true nature every now & then. Actors are an insecure lot & this insecurity makes them go bonkers. He is probably anxious over the heartthrob working with his director buddy & making the film to be a big hit.

Knowing the big-shot filmmaker, he probably offered the role to the heartthrob himself. He then asked the leading lady to openly flirt with the heartthrob to get some free publicity. The other actor got wind off it & planted this blind, to make the heartthrob come across as desperate.

Blind Item

In Bollywood, one person’s loss is always someone else’s gain. There have been countless examples of actors making their career out of films another contemporary hero/heroine rejected. But here’s a different side to the tale. There are also actors, who are constantly keeping tabs on which movie is being produced by who and who’s being approached for it. Not because they love the filmy gup, but only to know when to attack to get the part.

Today, we’re talking about this young actor, who’s clearly catapulted himself into the A-league with a few big successes in the past. But despite a few hits to his credit, he has not been able to match up to this other Gen-Y star who enjoys a massive fan following but has been experiencing a rather dull phase in his career. We hear that when the Gen-Y star decided to walk out of an upcoming film, our hero made desperate calls and attempts to land the role. He would constantly be nagging to the director and the producer (both very close friends of the star) and explain how he’s the perfect choice for the film.

Not just that, he would send out stories in the media that spoke about him being offered the role and him toying with the idea of taking it up. All of this has left the filmmaker and the producer really miffed. In fact, the producer who’s also signed him for another project, has only been complaining of his changed behavior. From what we hear, this movie will definitely be made but there are very bleak chances of it being made with our desperate hero. The Gen-Y star might not be in the project anymore, but he can be overheard speaking in their circle about how his contemporary actor has been begging to get all the roles he and his other friends reject. Ouch! Did we say how they also pretend to be good friends in front of the camera?

Our Guess

Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan

Gen-Y Star: Varun Dhawan

Producer: Karan Johar

Director: Shashank Khaitan

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