Guess Who: This Star Is Having An Affair With His Sis-In-Law

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actor who is rumored to be having an affair with his sister-in-law.

While cheating on your spouse is wrong, cheating on them with their sibling is a altogether new level of cruelty. A dvorce will not only mean that your spouse will lose a companion, he/she will also lose a sibling – at the same time. This is probably the reason why a megastar’s family is not keen on making their daughter separate from her philandering husband.

This actor is hugely talented. He has acted in only two hindi movies till date. But his debut hindi movie earned him a lot of accolades. He is a bbig name down south. It is well known that he has been unfaithful to his wife. But his wife like all celeb wives has always looked the other way. But we wonder how she feels about the rumors of her husband hooking up with her own sister!

The actor’s father-in-law is still the biggest celebrity in the tamil film industry. The actor has every reason to be scared. Crossing his father-in-law will lead to devastating circumstances.

We feel that this blind item seems to be fake or rather outdated. The sister-in-law got married sometime back. She is not a divorcee as this blind item claims.

Blind Item

Actors and their affairs are always the most talked about in the film industry. But what happens when you have an extra-marital relationship? And what happens when your affair is with your own sister in law? Things can get complicated and weird and that’s exactly what has happened for his South star, who has also considerably made his presence felt in Bollywood.

While the actor has been away from the Hindi film industry for a while, and will soon be seen romancing a top A-list actress in one of his favourite director’s next, his ‘rangeela’ side is known to all. In fact, despite being married to the daughter of a South mega star, he has had several flings with people on set before he got drawn towards his own saali. Yes, you heard us right. The wife’s sister and husband are very much together for quite sometime now and their relationship has caused a huge turmoil in the actor’s married life too. We hear that at one point, the South actor wanted to separate from his wife but he feared losing his otherwise clean PR image that keeps doing the rounds.

The South mega star who’s known for his generosity and humility, has also become the major point of concern in this troubling situation. He is in no mood to let go of his family’s standing in the society for his daughter and son-in-law’s extra marital affair. In fact, the two sisters who can’t stand each other for this reason, has been categorically told to maintain a rather happy vibe in the media. While the other sister is now divorced, the South star can’t divorce his wife because of his stern father-in-law! But the love between the jija and saali are brewing and how. We wonder if this is the modern filmy family set up we have been thinking of!

Our Guess

South Star: Dhanush

Sister-in-law: Soundarya

Megastar: Rajnikanth


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