Guess Who: This Superstar Met Three Actors For A Role

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar who met three actors for a role in his upcoming movie.

Suppose you have spent 20 years in a particular industry & you are a super acheiver. You are admired for your knowledge & know the pulse of your clients. Your knowledge & instincts have helped your company make millions over the years. One fine day, a teammate comes up to you with a sub-standard product. But then, the product has scope to be another bestseller. What would you do? Wouldn’t be in everyone’s interest to let you takeover & modify the product which will ensure its success? But instead of listening to you, your teammates call you interfering & tarnish your image in the industry. The boss too is swayed by the opinions of the majority & instead of relying on the instincts of his star perform – you, he lets the teammate who has a sub standard product in hand have the upper hand. As expected, the product bombs. But sadly the bulk of the blame falls on you. You after all are a superstar in the industry & have a reputation to live up to. This is what happened on the sets of a not so recent debacle. Had the egoistic studio boss listened to his superstar, he wouldn’t have ended up losing loads of money.

The superstar in question has a track record of churning superhits. His movies are almost assured to be the biggest hits of the year. The accusation of him editing out the parts of his co-stars is baseless. His fans will be quick to point out how he was in fact a supporting character in his last hit – a sports biopic. The movie revolved around his two daughters.

Meanwhile not much is known about his relationship status. There were reports of turmoil in his marriage due to his closeness to his protege. But looks like his wife has learned to look the other way. If some sources are to be believed, he is boinking women other than his wife & protege as well.

Blind Item

THIS superstar is known for his well-thought-out strategies to stay relevant but sometimes they backfire. Like this one time, when this selfstyled genius met not one but three from among the current crop of heroes to star with him. All of them, we hear, showed great enthusiasm over roles matching our superstar’s part, but each one of them backed on one or the other pretext. That’s because they all know how things will finally pan out on the actor’s editing table

Our Guess

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Movie: Laal Singh Chadha

Three Actors: Rajkumarr Rao, Ayushmann Khurana, Vicky Kaushal?


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