Guess Who – This Superstar Suffered A Breakdown

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar suffering a breakdown due to his movie flopping & troubles with his GF.

While we envy the lifestyle, fame, money that our beloved superstars possess, little do we know what actually goes on in their life. Theirs is a very high pressure, high stress job which saps them of their mental, physical energy. That explains why most of our stars are into hard drugs, alcohol, sex or sometimes all of them! One flop & they go from being the toast of town to someone no one wants to work with. The next time you want their life, think again!

The superstar in question has done rather well for himself. It is lame of him to be disheartened by one flop. His contemporaries who have zoomed past him, gave several flops before finding their groove. He on the other hand, played it safe. One can't deny the fact that he is talented & rightly deserves his success. His father being a noted director & his mentor being a big shot filmmaker does help. We wonder what is up with his love life? He was supposed to get married in November this year, but the marriage has now been postponed. There have been no fake stories of him hooking up with his co-stars. Looks like his movie not doing well has affected him badly. He needs to stop taking his career so seriously, we think. Don't you?

Blind Item

ONE of the movie industry’s biggest stars isn’t keeping too well these days. Don’t judge a book by its bulging biceps we say, the famous actor is under a lot of stress and is known to be seeing a counsellor. Perhaps it has to do with his recent flop – the blockbuster machine isn’t used to seeing a dull Friday, after all. But the mum says her son’s unhappy relationship with his current girlfriend, in fact, caused a bit of a breakdown. So now a counsellor comes home twice a month to assist the actor regain his composure.

Our Guess

Star: Varun Dhawan

GF: Natasha Dalal

Flop: Kalank


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