Guess Who – This Superstar’s Superhero Project Got Shelved

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young superstar whose superhero project got shelved.

This young superstar is probably going through the best phase of his life. His films are turning out to be huge hits & he recently got married to the reigning box office queen of bollywood. The movies starring his rivals not doing half as well as his, is the icing on the proverbial cake. He has an interesting lineup of movies with top notch filmmakers. He dream run is obviously being envied by a lot of people in bollywood.

He has signed a three film contract with his mentor’s studio. His mentor is banking on his box office prowess to pull them out of the red. His mentor has suffered huge losses recently due to his big budget film flopping. Other movies produced by his studio, don’t look promising either.

Blind Item

A leading film actor had announced a superhero film last year. The film – announced close on the heels of the actor’s biggest blockbuster till date – was said to be on a gargantuan budget of Rs 300 crore. But it’s been over a year since news of the film broke, and we hear there is no script ready yet. The makers seem to have quietly shelved the project for another smaller but more lucrative film.

Our Guess

Actor: Ranveer Singh

Blockbuster: Padmaavat


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