Guess Who: This TV Actor Is Cheating On His Pregnant Wife

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a tv actor, who is cheating on his pregnant wife.

A friend of one of our sources had mentioned that this actor hits on everything that movies. There was chatter of him swinging both ways as well. But as he is not a star, we forgot about it. But this blind item has reminded us about this piece of gossip. While cheating is bad, cheating on your wife when she is pregnant is a different level of cruelty altogether.

His career as a movie star ended before anyone could blink. He has found limited success as a TV celeb. But that is enough for him to hook up with several women.

Like we have always mentioned, it is not just the big stars who are sleazeballs. The entire industry if full of such shady people. Barring a few, everyone is crooked.

Blind Item

This TV actor has been cheating on pregnant wife. Infidelity is not new in the industry but this juicy piece of gossip of a Television actor has left us appalled. For one, he is soon expecting a baby and while he is portraying a happy picture on social media, we hear that he has been cheating on his wife with several girls. Yes, you read it right.

Insiders reveal that even though the buzz of him swinging both ways has been strong, the actor has been posting pictures with his wife on social media. But, in closed doors, he has been calling girls and hooking up with them in a friend’s apartment. His wife is unaware of his infidelity and we only wonder how would she react if she happens to know about it.

Our Guess

Actor: Ruslaan Mumtaz


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