Guess Who – This TV Actress Is Wrecking A Movie Star’s Marriage

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Spotboye has published a blind item about a tv actress who is having an affair with a movie star’s husband.

We had published a blind item from Mumbai Mirror, which spoke about a TV actress having an affair with a movie star’s husband. But there weren’t enough clues for us to guess. Thankfully some of our readers did guess the TV actress. Spotboye has dropped several hints in the blind item, about the identity of the TV actress. The husband has cheated on the movie star several times before with several women, which include his hairdresser.

We wonder what roles this semi retired movie star who is now a reality show judge be able to pull off. The shelf life of female stars sadly is not half as much of male stars. She will have to play elder sister to one of the heroes she romanced on screen in her prime. This despite, her maintaining herself very well by following a strict diet & yoga. In fact she has released DVD’s about yoga exercises. We do hope she finds some peace of mind.

Blind Item

You must have heard many celebrities saying that the line between Bollywood and Television is constantly blurring. Well, it surely is and looks like not only in the professional scenario but personal lives too. This hot TV actress, famous for her sultry looks and personality has stolen a Bollywood actress’ husband’s heart! She is ruling his senses and the man is head over heels for her. She has been in the industry for 18 years while this Bollywood couple has been married for 10 long years. The lady, who has got the man smitten by her looks, was a part of a blockbuster film, last year. She has had a number of heartbreaks, a few of them even drove her to near depression but this one seems to be for keeps, considering the man has been constantly ignoring work and family for her. The vandalised wife is meanwhile trying to get back to Bollywood and rebuild her career. She had given up her glorious run after marriage to take care of her family, barring a few TV shows which required a few hours of the day. Tch, Tch! Loyalty does not always pay!

Our Guess

TV Actress: Karishma Tanna

Movie Star: Shilpa Shetty

Husband: Raj Kundra


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