Guess Who: This TV Producer Is Playing Games

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A tabloid has published a blind item about a TV producer who is playing games to keep her show in the news

As per the blind item, a TV star returned to show he had long bid farewell to, but was replaced by another actor. The actor’s huge fees were cited as the reason behind his exit. But then the new actor was paid the same amount as the previous actor. The producer is being suspected of playing games just to keep the show in the news.

The producer in question is going through a rough patch financially. She needs money badly. It doesn’t help if one of her shows is out of the top 10 shows in terms of TRP’s. She is relying on gimmicks to gain back the lost TRP’s.

She hired a mainly TV actor turned movie star to play one of the lead roles in the sequel. This actor is married to a movie star. After he stopped getting movie offers, he had no option but to go back to TV. Sadly, after the TRP’s fell, he was replaced by another star. Another lead actor on the show tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, none of the other cast, crew were found to be infected.

The TV actor with the movie star missus has a few movies lined up. While one was supposed to release in July, it will likely get pushed back due to the pandemic.

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