Guess Who: This Writer Is Still Waiting For His Movie To Be Made

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Boxofficeindia has published a blind item about an author who is still awaiting the movie based on his best selling book to be made.

Bollywood was once notorious for being very unorganised & unprofessional when it came to the filmmaking process. It was streets behind hollywood. But in the last two decades or so a new bunch of filmmakers, have brought professionalism into the industry. Gone are the days when the screenplay, script & dialogues would be written on the sets of a movie, after signing the superstar on with a one line narration. The stars are sent bound scripts & many even attend workshops before the actual shooting of the film begins. Filmmakers are now buying rights of best selling novels for the movie adaptations. Many such adaptations have turned out to be huge hits. They have ended up making a lot of money for the filmmakers & the authors.

The movie in question was to be made by a bigshot filmmaker. He wanted a greek god superstar to star in it. But the superstar as going through a rough patch personally. By the time his personal life was back on track, the director who was supposed to helm the project, quit the studio. As things stand today, the studio has suffered a few flops this year already. They are very careful about the projects they take up. With no major star ready to take it up, the movie has been put on the back burner.

Blind Item

In today’s day, some filmmakers are doing everything that they can to make announcements one after the other but then there are others who still like to take things slow.

And by slow we mean, very slow. We heard about this one production house, a huge one, that insisted on buying the book rights from the author.

Now this writer has had much success with the stories being consumed through a different medium but having a cult following nonetheless.

While the production house managed to convince the writer, they negotiated a deal and just disappeared. The talks went on for months but the production house suddenly then decided to take a break from further discussion, leaving the writer hanging.

We wonder now whether the writer will wait for the slow process to run its course or will have it speed up. Only time will tell.

Our Guess

Author: Amish Tripathi

Book: Shiva Trilogy

Studio: Dharma


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