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Guess Who – This Young Actor Is Holding Out For Life Changing Offers

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a young actor who is holding out from signing projects, for a life changing offer.

It is good to see industry outsiders making a mark in Bollywood. Thankfully, there are several first generation stars who have carved a niche for themselves in the past few years. This actor, was seen in a sports based web series earlier. The production house which made the web series, were the producers of the movie which made him a household name as well. What amazes us the striking contrast in the two characters he has played in the web series vis-a-vis his breakout movie role.

We wonder whatever happened to the director mentioned in the blind item. Not much has been heard about him, after a cult classic starring a young superstar flopped upon release. He has been directing ad films instead of multi million dollar movie franchises. We wonder why?

Blind Item

It’s not surprising that big studios and major producers have been making a beeline for this young actor since he broke out in a crucial (but not lead) role in one of the year’s most loved films. Turns out he wakes up to a pile of fresh scripts every day, but he’s taking it slowly and surely, seeking guidance and direction from the producer of his big hit. Reportedly he’s been told to hold out for the “life-changing” offers and not jump at what appears to be the first good role or the first fancy paycheck that comes his way. No wonder there hasn’t been a single announcement of a new film in the months since he went from who’s-that-guy to who-is-that-guy.

Insiders, however, reveal that he recently took a meeting with a reclusive genius filmmaker who appears ready to get back in the ring after a hiatus of 10 years. The filmmaker’s last film was a box- office dud, but ironically it was a film that critics loved, and one that has amassed a sort of cult following over the years. Previously he directed one of the country’s best sports films. Little is known about the new project, except that it’s been written by the filmmaker’s trusted writing partner who scripted his last two films.

Word is that the young actor is very interested in this project, and while the filmmaker has spoken to him about it there hasn’t been a concrete offer yet, possibly because there may be other hopefuls who’re also being considered. If it does work out for the actor, it’ll also be an inroad into one of the country’s top film producing studios and a chance to be considered for the projects they make every year.

Our Guess

Young Actor: Siddhant Chaturvedi

Production House: Excel Entertainment

Genius Filmmaker: Shimit Amin

Last Film: Rocket Singh Sports Film: Chak De India


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