Guess Who – This Young Actor Refused To Appear On A Chat Show

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Pinkvilla recently posted a blind item about a young actor who recently refused to be a part of a celebrity chat show.

Not hailing from a Bollywood family,this young hearththrob has tasted success with his recent movies and now he is on cloud nine. With a popular star kid who made her debut last year crushing on him and admitting it on a popular chat show, the actor seems to have his self esteem rocketed. He refused to be a part of this celebrity chat show which featured some bollywood biggies as well. It may be entirely possible that he was busy, but bollywood works on relationships. He may have lost out on a few friends by not agreeing to appear on the chat show.

He has been rumored to have planted fake stories of his linkups with other actresses. He even has his PR team to post several pics of him daily. It would have been better if he appeared on such chat shows to garner publicity instead of faking a persona to woo audiences.

Blind Item

“You are as good as your last film,” they say and well, in Bollywood that’s exactly the case. With overnight successes becoming a thing, it has become difficult for actors to keep their feet on the ground and well, this young actor, who has been in the news for his starry tantrums before as well, apparently refused to be a part of a celebrity chat show which premiered just recently. This actor is currently shooting for his upcoming film with a popular filmmaker.

The celebrity chat show makers apparently approached the young actor, who delivered a hit recently in an unconventional love drama, to be a part of the show but the actor outrightly refused. A little birdie tells us that the actor who has tasted success recently is on cloud nine and thinks he is too big to be a part of the show which has been graced by major A-listers. This reaction by him has definitely rubbed the makers and the celebrity host of the show on the wrong side.

Our Guess
Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan


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