Guess Who: Three Male Superstars Are Interested In This Movie

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about three male superstars being interested in starring in this director’s upcoming drama.

He is easily the most talented director of his generation. His movies have resurrected the careers of two big stars. While his two movies with an A-lister further grew his fan following by leaps & bounds. His style of story telling & unique scripts make his films an entertaining watch. Which explains why his last three movies turned out to be the biggest hits of the year. It is now said that this director can deliver a 300cr+ hit even with a lamp post! Very few will contest this claim.

The director suffered a huge setback last year after he was outed in the MeToo movement. it is still unclear whether his producer-mentor, who had a fallout with him over the allegations last year has taken him back.

Meanwhile, we are happy Rajeev Masand has taken our suggestions & has stopped mentioning a select few actors in every article.

Blind Item

At least two A-listers are reportedly wooing this top filmmaker who’s currently completing his next script. It’s no secret that the filmmaker, recovering from a massive setback, has been plotting his comeback. He’s reunited with his trusted writing partner and he’s been hammering out his next script. There is one series that he will helm for a major streaming platform, but it’s the film project that appears to have got at least two male superstars interested.

According to those with information on the project, it’s a rousing drama. The filmmaker is keen on doing it with the superstar who’s been on a break for some months now, but there are very strong ‘feelers’ from the other superstar who has said for years that he hopes to work with the storyteller on the right project. There is also the issue of the third superstar, with whom the filmmaker has already twice collaborated, who may feel slighted if he is not at least offered the film before it makes its way to one of his contemporaries.

The filmmaker’s camp is convinced he is developing the script for the superstar in hibernation. A collaboration between them could be the perfect ‘bounceback’ for both actor and director who have been lying low for some time now.

Our Guess

A-listers: Aamir & Ranbir

Writing Partner: Abhijat Joshi

Superstar On A Break: Shahrukh Khan


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