Guess Who – Top Actress Is Getting Linked To A Young Actor

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Mid-Day has published a blind item about a top female star who has been getting linked to a young actor who recently broke up with his GF.

She was heartbroken when a young heartthrob broke up with her. It is rumored that he abandoned their love nest, without even informing her. She came home & was shocked to find her BF & his belongings missing. Pinkvilla published a blind item, which hinted at her shady past being the reason behind their breakup. His parents never liked her anyway. She begged him to give their relationship another chance at a party, but he made it very clear that they are over. She sobbed & left the venue. She has since been “getting close” to her mentor. Her mentor has gifted her plum acting jobs, which has brought her back in the reckoning. But the mentor has a steady date too. But when has that ever stopped her mentor from sleeping around?

The male actor on the other hand used to play supporting roles till his previous film turned out to be a blockbuster. He suffered a setback recently when his father was outed in the MeToo movement. He was going steady with a gal, but his closeness to the star in question & a co-star is rumored to have ruined their relationship.

Blind Item

This young actor, who has struck big in recent times, is being linked with a gorgeous top female actor. As they belong to different worlds, it’s a rather strange union. What is even more unusual is that the female actor is known to deny even a whisper of truth, but she seems happy with the link-up stories.

The actor (seems too early to call him a star) recently broke off with his actor-dancer girlfriend. He, too, is playing along as he feels it will work wonders for his image. He does not miss an opportunity to serenade her when he sees paps around.

It also helps that the two remain in the news as their upcoming projects are months away. We wonder if the female actor’s close pal, a top star, who is known to carry a torch for her still, knows about the ‘affair’?

Our Guess
Young Actor: Vicky Kaushal
Female Actor: Katrina Kaif
Top Star: Salman Khan


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