Guess Who: Top Producer Is Miffed With International Studio

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a top producer who is miffed with an international studio.

It is well known fact across the globe that we Indian loves our movies. Movies are a big business in India & this has attracted many top studios to our country. These studio execs are thorough professionals & are not someone who will suck up to celebs or filmmakers. Their aim is to generate profits for their bosses abroad. Relationships don’t really matter to them. This is in stark contrast with bollywood, which works solely on relationships. The professional attitude of one such international studio seems to have irked one top producer. The top producer must not have liked how these foreign execs who treat him like a mere mortal. This is unlike struggling actors, directors etc who literally fall at their feet.

The studio in question was brought over by another big studio globally. This seems to have led to a change in the way the studio functions.

Blind Item

LOOKS like all is not too well between this top producer and an international studio he collaborated with recently. We hear the filmmaker isn’t too pleased with the corporate’s new ways. The illfeeling runs so deep that the producer made an official from the studio wait for him for over two hours. All’s peaceful for now, but we hear he has already begun chatting with a rival studio

Our Guess

Top Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

Studio: Fox Star Studios


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