Guess Who: Top Producer Slashes Spending On Project

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a top producer who has slashed further spending on an upcoming project.

This director has helmed two big hits till date. Both starring a young superstar. His movie has been generating a lot of buzz owing to the real life romance of his lead pair. But sadly there have been many issues with the movie, leading to incessant delays. The young superstar is also his BFF. He may end up giving the director a long rope, but the producer won’t be so kind. The producer after all has not been having a great year at the box office.

The director recently went to his school reunion & regaled his school friends with gossip from the sets of the movie. One of our sources was present at the reunion & heard the gossip first hand! We will be publishing an OI Original based on the director’s information soon!

Blind Item

A top producer has reportedly slashed further spending on an ambitious film he’s producing because the project—as promising as it may be—has gone beyond the point where it may be financially viable. The movie has been on the floor for three years now and there is already the concern it could start sounding like ‘an old film’ as it’s been extensively tracked by the industry and the media since it was announced.

With its budget ballooning considerably, the film may be fast becoming a risky proposition, thereby creating some panic in the producer’s office. So while the producer hasn’t stopped all cash flow into the still-shooting opus, he has asked the director to make some cuts. Plans to shoot the current schedule overseas were reportedly rejigged to film on local shores.

There’s still a lot of anticipation for the film among fans, thanks in no small part to the exciting casting. But it’s still far away from completion, and with a big chunk of the fee expected to go towards post production, rumor has it that the producer doesn’t want to incur any more lavish expenditure on the shoot.

Our Guess

Top Producer: Karan Johar

Movie: Brahmashtra

Director: Ayaan Mukherjee


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  • December 6, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Dear GOD, this movie runs into problems all the time.


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