Guess Who: Top Star Walks Out Of A Project

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a top star who walked out of a remake of a hit bollywood film.

Why is this even a blind item? Many entertainment portals have already published the news about this star walking out of a project. Some said it was because of him wanting to work in action movies now that his latest action movie turned out to be a blockbuster. While others said it was because he was unhappy with the script. That his problem. He barely works in 1 movie in two years. Lesser stars turn out to be more successful due to them starring in more movies than him.

The one who suffered the most is the actress who bagged the lead role for the movie. She had not signed any new movies for quite sometime. This project was one of the first projects she took up in almost a year. She has been using her free time to interfere in the selection process of the Indian cricket team. Another senior member of the cricket called her out publicly over her interference in cricket matters. It is an open secret that the other players hate(apart from the ones in her camp) her due to her interfering ways. Her ex-BF – now on his way to ruling the industry someday, too broke up with her due to her controlling nature. Some people never learn.

Blind Item

A much-awaited remake by a lauded filmmaker has been talk of the town since summer. The buzz mostly surrounded who would star in this delightful, ‘sure to be a blockbuster’ family film since the OG was so beloved. After much speculation, a well-known star was finally said to reprise the role. But your diarist hears that the star has walked out of the project, as he hated the script. Now it seems the filmmaker is looking for someone to blame.

Our Guess

Remake: Satte Pe Satta

Star: Hrithik Roshan

Filmmaker: Farah Khan


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  • November 7, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Any gossip about anushka and virat? She does seem too interfering in her husbands life


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