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Guess Who – Traumatised Sister Of Bollywood Star Threatens To Reveal All

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about the sister of a bollywood star who is threatening to reveal all of her family’s dark secrets!

This family’s story can easily be the script of a daily soap. The son, who is a superstar married his GF owing to pressure from the GF’s father. The star was having an affair with his co-star & was about to dump his GF, but gf’s daddy’s underworld connections came handy. Daddy got star’s filmmaker father attacked by gangsters. That was enough to put the fear of god in the star & he married his GF. But the star couldn’t help but cheat on his wife, with a foreign import. The wife who was a cocaine addict, started hanging out way too much with her BFF’s husband. This led to rumors of an affair between them. Meanwhile, the wife filed for divorce. As if this wasn’t enough, a bollywood queen told the world that she has been in a relationship with the star! The star labelled the queen as delusional.

The star’s box office clout too took a beating. The trailer of his latest movie has received a warm response. We do hope that his sister’s finds happiness & his movies succeed like they used to. He is after all highly talented & good at heart. We do hope he overcomes his troubles, to emerge victorious personally & professionally.

Blind Item

Bollywood is known for its fair share of controversies and drama. Affairs, breakups, linkups and fights are part of it and most of it does not get written about. The skeletons remain in the cupboard and sometimes taken out, shaken up and dusted for display and discussion at some Bollywood party. But this is a secret that has been kept under wraps for months and now threatens to blow up into one of the biggest scandals ever.

This Bollywood family is on one of the oldest and most established families in the industry. Their father is a respected filmmaker and the star son is known for his superb acting skills but in recent times, their family has been torn apart by a huge controversy over an actress, who feels the star let her down. In his professional and personal life, the actor has been undergoing a traumatic time and such has been his state of mind that he has not been much of emotional help to anybody. The father has not been keeping too well and has not made a movie announcement for the last few years. Now another controversy looms large on this family and this time its centered around the father and the star’s sister.

The emotionally troubled sister has been a strong source of support to her family in their times but feels when she needs them, they are not there. While her brother is there for her, she feels the parents, especially her father, are oblivious to her needs and have kept her repressed for years and under his dominating control. The sister has a child from one of her marriages but she feels her parents have turned her daughter against her. The daughter celebrates special occasions with the star’s family but the sister always remains out of them.

The 40-plus sister today has little education and no work and she doesn’t know how to sustain herself or ask help from her star brother, who is embroiled in his own troubles. She has been married a few times and her friends feel that her extremely overbearing and controlling father has somewhere been responsible for the breakup of her marriages. While the actor lives separately, the sister (for lack of financial independence) lives with her parents. The sister feels that her parents have alienated her brother and made him turn against her though he loves her.

While things have been brewing at their house for years now, things took a turn for the worse between the sister and her parents, a couple of months ago, over a domestic issue. Things got really ugly and the emotionally traumatised sister decided to reach out to the arch enemy of her star brother and show her support in public – to show her family that she was no weak-kneed pushover. She has even undergone rehab programmes for alcohol abuse.

The plan was to meet and get the media on board and that would have meant THE most sensational controversy of the year. But plans went awry as the brother got wind of it and persuaded her not to do anything. He has been undergoing his stress and didn’t need this kind of shock. The distraught sister understood. She loves her brother the most in this world as he’s been kind and given her unconditional love and support, so she changed her plans. The sister hadn’t realised how much her one careless move would have shattered her brother’s already fragile and carefully-put together peace of mind.

Things appeared calm and normal for a few days, till another bitter fight took place between the sister and her father again. The star sister felt she had taken enough emotional abuse from her parents and decided to shift out that very day. Today, she is staying in a rented apartment on her meagre savings, which can run out any minute, and the sister is scared now what to do. Now that she has walked out on her family, her father has threatened to cut off her earnings. With no means of sustenance, she needs a job desperately but doesn’t know whom to approach.

Our Guess

Star: Hrithik Roshan
Father: Rakesh Roshan
Sister: Sunaina Roshan


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