Guess Who(Hollywood): A-list Model Was Left Alone By Her BF

Spread the love has published a blind item about an A-list model who was left stranded at the Oscars, by her BF.

She is a renowned name the world over. She is drop dead gorgeous & a super model. She was married to a black singer for the longest time. They were never shy of indulging in some PDA.They used to renew their vows every year in a lavish ceremony. They had three biological children together. But she ruined the marriage by hooking up with her bodyguard. The husband found out & filed for divorce. She is now dating a much younger musician, which people insist is cheating on her. If rumors are to be believed, he is not into her as much as she is into him, despite getting engaged. Like every other model she craves attention & is known to make sure that she is the centre of attention. It must hurt that she is no longer as beautiful as she used to be & that she is now a ‘former star’.

Blind Item

Once again this foreign born permanent A list model turned host was left alone by her significant other. She said he wasn’t into it. What she should have said is he isn’t really into her. It is said to see her get crushed again with love.

Our Guess

A-list Model: Heidi Klum

BF: Tom Kaulitz


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