Guess Who(Hollywood): A-List Teenager Celeb Makes Out At SAG Awards

Spread the love has published a blind item about an A-lister hollywood celeb, who was making out with a much older man, who is a top exec at a streaming service.

Many parents are eager to see their young kids to become celebs. They religiously pass around their portfolios to casting directors of advertisements, TV shows & movies. Some on the other hand push their kids to participate in reality TV shows. What these parents don’t realize is that they are robbing their kids of their childhood. These kids are busy making the rounds of film sets instead of enjoying their school life with other kids.

Some kids who make it big, rake in a lot of money. They then feel it to be weird to lead normal lives ie take up normal corporate jobs. They are used to the adulation & the big bucks they make as young celebs. But sadly the competition is a lot more intense for adults. The celebs who have been able to transition from being celeb teenagers to A-list adult stars are very few.

Many of these celeb kids start aping their older colleagues. Many mistreat their filmmakers & sleep around. Like in the case of this bonafide A-list teenager, who is one of the most well known faces across the globe. It is sad to see her go down the wrong path. It is unlikely that she will have the seriousness to maintain her level of success after her hit show is over. This might lead to depression over her fading stardom & push her towards drugs & alcohol. We hop she gets a grip on her life soon.

Blind Item

This still not old enough to drink A- list actress who is a really good actress and has been nominated/won some decent awards for her age was in a dark corner making out with one of the top guys at a very large streaming service. Last I checked he was married, but maybe he has split with his wife and there has been no announcement. He is nearly three times the age of the actress.

Our Guess

Actress: Millie Bobbie Brown


Actress: Joey King

Top Guy: A Netflix Exec


One thought on “Guess Who(Hollywood): A-List Teenager Celeb Makes Out At SAG Awards

  • January 21, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    millie bobbie bown is wrong.the correct answer is Joey King and the head of netflix


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