Guess Who(Hollywood) – Escort Turned Actress

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Crazy Days & Nights has published a blind item about a hollywood actress who used to be an escort earlier!

This actress was hot property during the early years of her career. She had men eating out of her palms due to her hot physique. She was married to one of hollywood’s biggest womanizers. It is well known that her ex-husband hired hookers. Some people claim that she met her ex-husband when he hired her for her services. They ended up getting married. As expected the marriage didn’t last. The ex-husband who was once an A-lister is now an embarrassment. There have been news reports that he has been unable to pay her her alimony & child support even, This after making $21 million per season for starring in a hit TV show. His drugs, alcohol & womanizing habits are rumored to be reason behind his downfall.

Bollywood too has its share of actresses who escort on the side. But these stories rarely get reported.

Blind Item

Apparently the former escort turned actress turned reality star turned reality star/actress has some piping hot tea on the past of one her reality show co-stars but is not allowed to say it on the show because the producers don’t want to make the other star angry.

Our Guess

Former Escort: Denise Richards

Co-stars: Cammille Grammar


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