Guess Who:Young Superstar Is Hooking Up With Married Socialite

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a young superstar who has been hooking up with a married socialite & is cheating on his actress GF.

This actor loves his women. It is now a well known fact. But we have a feeling that this trait has been exaggerated by the actor’s PR for the sake of publicity. How else do you explain such secret hook ups finding it’s way to the media? These blind items are a win-win for everyone involved. The only one sulking after reading this is probably the socialite’s cuckolded husband.

A google search threw up pics of the socialite with bollywood celebs. Most of the country’s top socialites look down upon bollywood celebs behind their backs. While the socialites are an elitist, classy lot, bollywood celebs often come across as loud, attention w&*#@s who love to show off. Long story short, bollywood celebs lack class. Besides these socialites are way more wealthier than our bollywood celebs. It is them who pay a fee to superstars to dance at their weddings or serve food to their guests. That explains why tony clubs in South Mumbai don’t give membership to bollywood stars. Many such clubs mention brazenly that bollywood celebs can’t apply for membership. Ouch!

Looking at the way Pinkvilla writes about stars from a producer-director’s camp, we have started suspecting that this producer-director has a stake in pinkvilla. Don’t you?

Blind Item

Infidelity is not a new thing in Bollywood. According to reports, many have gone astray while being married or in a serious relationship. Take this couple for example – both of them are Gen-Y stars in their own right and will soon be seen on screen together. The rumours of their relationship had taken the industry by a storm before they came out and accepted their affair. Now, they are almost on the verge of getting married. But like they say, once a philanderer, always a philanderer.

We hear that the superstar actor, who belongs to a heavyweight legion, is again cheating on this girlfriend, who’s clearly besotted by his charm. He’s done it in the past with all the other girls he’s been with and is infamous in the industry for sleeping around with numerous women. And now, he’s having a casual fling with one of the top socialites from the industry, who can be spotted at almost every party.

In fact, the woman who we’re talking about, is also extremely close to the male star’s cousin sister. Yes, the sister who’s also a top heroine, is BFF with the socialite and the two connected only at one of the parties recently thrown by the doting behen. But while their fling is on in full swing, the girlfriend is completely oblivious to the whole scenario. With the families gearing up for a wedding, it needs to be seen what happens next. Could you guess who we’re talking about? Tell us in comments below.

Our Guess

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

GF: Alia Bhatt

Socialite: Natasha Poonawala

Cousin: Kareena Kapoor


One thought on “Guess Who:Young Superstar Is Hooking Up With Married Socialite

  • December 13, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Do celebs ever have a life outside of money, family, partying, women and lavish vacations? Like you know; reading a book, taking a course/class, learning something brand new, camping, becoming better versions of themselves etc.? They make movies like ZNMD & DCH and they themselves hardly apply that in their day to day life and their biggest concerns are money and power. Oh yes, one should chase money, power and success depending on the modicum in order to lead a stable life, but these celebs are obsessed with money, power and women like GAAHHH LLIIII!!!!!

    In fact, I blame the media, fans and paparazzi for spoiling these people, not leaving them alone and not letting them live the life they want to and/or need to live. Personal lives of celebs should never be in the limelight either.


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