Hidden Gems Of Netflix – Black Crows Review

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Netflix has a vast library of movies & TV shows. It is very much possible that you miss out on some excellent shows, just because you never heard of them. We review some brilliant shows which are left undiscovered – the hidden gems of Netflix. Our first show in the series is Black Crows

Cast: Rashed Al Shamrani, Sayed Rajab, Dina Talaat
Creator: Leen Fares
Language: Arabic(English subtitles available)

As much as we hate islamic terrorists of Syria a.k.a ISIS, we have always been intrigued by what happens in areas controlled by them. As many of you must be aware large parts of Syria & Iran were under ISIS control up until recently. Our perceptions have been shaped on the basis of what we read in newspapers & Hollywood movies. Black Crows is the show which tell you the horror story that is ISIS. It is an arabic show & is set in Syria.

The show starts off with the main characters reaching ISIS territory. Every character who is joining ISIS has a backstory. The show tells us about the cruelty, greed, regressive & violent nature of ISIS through different scenarios. One of the characters is woman who killed her husband after catching him in bed with another woman & goes to ISIS territory with her kids to escape prosecution. Another character is a spy who is trying to infiltrate ISIS to collect information. The spy’s fiancee was brainwashed by ISIS during his attempt to infiltrate ISIS & he has since gone rogue. There are two plus sized women who have joined ISIS hoping to bed a handsome ISIS soldier. They provide some comic relief.

Black Crows
The show is an eye opener on how young men are recruited into ISIS under the lure of “angels in paradise” in return for fighting “infidels”
There are of course several characters who join ISIS due to lure of “angels in paradise”. The central characters are Abu Talha – The Emir, Abu Darda & the prophet. The show rightly portrays that no one in ISIS really cares about god or religion. Everybody is a part of it for their perverse motives. Stereotypical scenes associated with islamic states like public flogging, women always under the burkha & executions are also part of the show. The scenes which depict treatment meted towards jews & other infidels a.k.a kafirs is gory. The show also throws light on how even children are trained to be a part of the ISIS army.

The show is not too dramatic & sticks to the point. The script is tight & doesn’t let your mind waver too much. The acting by the cast is superb. The characters playing Abu Talha & Abu Darda deserve special mention. The show is probably the only one which gives you such detailed insights into the life of people especially women who join ISIS. This is its biggest USP. No other show probably even comes close. The music is typical of arab shows & is good.

Language will be the only barrier from identifying the true emotions behind the dialogues. The subtitles do come in handy though.

If you are bored of the regular shows, movies on netflix & are looking for something different, then Black Crows is definitely for you. We recommend people of all faiths to watch the show. It is the best show to drive home the message that all muslims are not terrorists!

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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